The Cajun Storm Book

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“Remarkable true story! Masterful use of descriptive prose as he relates the advent of the Cajun Storm and the events that follow” – “Amazing story about the flood that recently devastated our state…motivating and inspirational”

The Cajun Storm: God’s Servant First is a first-hand account of how the people of South Louisiana survived the 1-in-1000-years flood of 2016, that ravaged more than 110,000 homes, by relying on God and on each other within a culture immersed in the Catholic and economic principles of subsidiarity and distributism. The difference between genuine Christian leadership and secular leadership is made clear in terms of outcomes. It is also an evidence-based indictment of the spectacular failure of big government and the mainstream media in relation to the people of Louisiana at their time of greatest need, as well as a call for others to truly start attending to the welfare of the people and the common good.

The Cajun Storm is temporarily not available. In the near future it should be available in a second addition print through a new publisher.  


Business thought leader James Toups wrestles with the origin of evil and why bad things can happen to good people, but he provides an overview of the value of community. Toups discusses subsidiarity where our federal government should not take on the overbearing role of micromanaging every detail in a state or a city, even in a natural disaster. Good refreshing read – Jack Yoest, M.B.A., Clinical Professor of Management, The Catholic University of America.

Eyewitness testimony about the overwhelming destruction and human suffering occurring as the result of a once-in-a-lifetime weather event that dropped up to 30 inches of rain onto the Louisiana bayou. A moving testimony about the power of faith, personal responsibility, human resilience, and individual and community dedication to preserving the human dignity of thousands left without homes, food and government assistance . . . Real life example of citizens and neighbors putting aside all differences, while working toward the accomplishment of the common good – Richard Hirtreiter, Esq., CEO and general counsel, DMPO Marketing Inc.

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