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How Long Will I Be In Purgatory? Part 2

By Supertradmum How Long Will I Be in Purgatory Part II The souls in purgatory can no longer merit any grace. The state of holiness which they will experience in heaven ended with death. All merit must be gained while on earth. Virtues can grow in purgatory, as I noted in the last post, but

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How Long Will I Be In Purgatory?

By Supertradmum How Long Will You Be in Purgatory? Over the past several weeks, I have been studying what the Church has taught about purgatory. Contrary to what many priests and Catholics think, the Church has not done away with the teachings on purgatory. Purgatory is a real place, a state of suffering, which all

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By Supertradmum NO, there is no misspelling in the title of this post. Satispassion is a teaching of the Catholic Church regarding purgatory. The Church has a definite teaching on purgatory, in response to the Albigensians, Hussites, Lutherans, Calvinists and followers of Zwingli, who all denied the existence of this place of purgation. In the

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