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Demonic Activity Online

What is obvious is that demonic activity is causing chaos among the People of God, because of the knowledge of the depth of the sexual abuse cases. Those who know my writing know I have been involved with people who have been sexually abused and have counselled, as well as helped them get additional help.

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On the Pope – Time for a Reality Check

We have another pope who needs to resign. The bombshell report from the Papal Nuncio, which hit the press in the middle of the night here in Europe on Sunday morning, reveals the depth of the evil. By the time this post is up, most of the readers will be seeing the headlines or have

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What is “mortal sin?”

What is “mortal sin?” With the current buzz about Pope Francis proclaiming certain acts a mortal sin, it may be appropriate to state the Church’s long standing teaching on how to determine if certain acts are a mortal sin.  This post is not about making a statement on the Pope’s moral teaching. Certainly, the items

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