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Delivered Up To Evil

Not too long ago, Father Chad Ripperger made a comment in one of his lectures in a conference on generational demons. He said, “We are watching ourselves being delivered up to evil.” God is allowing evil to transcend the goodness left in the world for two reasons: one, for the purification of the Church, and

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Rediscovering an old grave of a lady saint….

A guest post by Supertradmum Some of you may have remembered my blog, Etheldredasplace. On that blog, I wrote of the lives and deaths of many of the English martyrs. One dear to my heart is St. Margaret Clitherow, the sprightly, beautiful wife of a well-to-do butcher in York, John, who was a “Church Catholic,”

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Growing in Faith Through Detachment

Recently, someone I know intimately was told he had a terminal illness. He had been divorced for years and was somewhat estranged from his daughter. Sadly, he faced the realisation that his life would be much shorter than he had thought. My friend, Joshua, did something strange. He began to spend his money on things

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