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Millennials, Marriage and Families

In the past five years, people have been writing and decrying the fact that the last three generations, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials have created a larger amount of men and women who do not want to be married than in previous generations. These authors who are upset that men are not

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A Gift of God’s Grace – A Wish Granted

Having become perfect in a short while, he reached the fullness of a long career; for his soul was pleasing to the LORD, therefore he sped him out of the midst of wickedness. (Wisdom 4:13-14) The now quiet old man has grown accustomed to the deepening heat of spring that has accompanied him throughout the

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Be Watchful! Prepare for the Coming of Christ.

What I say to you, I say to all: ‘Watch!’” (Mark 13:37) With the passing of the Thanksgiving holiday all eyes turn toward Christmas. Here in South Louisiana, the climate drifts from damp and dreary to cool and crisp and then back again. Bright rose colored camellias will come to life very need the halfway

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