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Character vs Personality – Part Two

The definition of “character” may be broken into two parts. The first would be a dictionary definition of all the qualities and traits of an individual—yours and mine, different, unique, singular. Or, character may be defined as the moral and ethical qualities of a person, a view of the soul, mind and heart of a

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How to Form a Saint

An afternoon with Bishop Athanasius Schneider proved to be an extraordinary adventure into his childhood. I happened to be visiting a friend in Dundee yesterday, and attended a lecture and Solemn Pontifical Mass said by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, one of the leaders in the Church defending the true faith. The first part of his talk

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Millennials, Marriage and Families

In the past five years, people have been writing and decrying the fact that the last three generations, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials have created a larger amount of men and women who do not want to be married than in previous generations. These authors who are upset that men are not

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