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Cults, Communities and Religions – Part Three

By Supertradmum One of the foremost, if not THE most scholarly writer in the past 40 years on cults, communities and religions, is Benjamin Zablocki. I first came across him in the early 1970s, when I discovered his 1971 book, The Joyful Community: An Account of the Bruderhof: A Communal Movement Now in Its Third

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Cults, Communities and Religion – Part Two

By Supertradmum This post will review why people want to join cults and how to recognise a cult. I would like to continue on the reasons why some people join cults. I have chosen three out of many reasons which I believe apply to Catholics who are joining cults, which SEEM Catholic, but are dangerous

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Cults, Communities and Religions

By Supertradmum This is a three part series on a serious topic. The rise of cults, (not occult), has alarmed me for years. I first became acquainted with cults when two friends of mine went into two different ones. One man I knew joined the Moonies. Another joined an offshoot cult of the Catholic Church,

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