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On Consecrated Life – A New Old Paradigm

I hope you will enjoy this post by Supertradmum. Those of you who read my three blogs, know that my life has been one of a prophetic movement towards God’s plan for the world. This started way back in 1973. I have too often deviated from my small role in the Church, but with a

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Some thoughts on why Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI resigned

A post by guest blogger Supertradmum If one has read the writings of Blessed Catherine Emmerich, one can see clearly the signs of the times. Like Akita, the most important apparition of our times, to which I shall return, Catherine’s private revelations give us a glimpse into the mysteries and chaos of these times. Remember,

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Delivered Up To Evil

Not too long ago, Father Chad Ripperger made a comment in one of his lectures in a conference on generational demons. He said, “We are watching ourselves being delivered up to evil.” God is allowing evil to transcend the goodness left in the world for two reasons: one, for the purification of the Church, and

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