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On the Dangers of Some Private Revelations – Part 2

by Supertradmum The article is now entering into the nitty-gritty of the dangers of following some private revelations. I write this out of concern for souls, not for the sake of criticism. If anyone is offended, I suggest prayer and openness to the Teaching Magisterium of the Church. The Narrow Gate is the study and

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On the Dangers of Some Private Revelations – Part 1

By Supertradmum Because I am very concerned and because I have a thirst for souls, I write this essay. Many times in the past month I have met people who are putting the private revelations of many seers on the same plain as Revelation, that is the Bible, and Tradition–these women , and all are

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True Friendship 

True Friendship  Pleasant speech multiplies friends, and gracious lips, friendly greetings.  Let those who are friendly to you be many, but one in a thousand your confidant.  When you gain friends, gain them through testing, and do not be quick to trust them.  For there are friends when it suits them, but they will not

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