Prayer Requests

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“One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples'” Luke 11:1

Prayer is our most powerful resource in good times and bad. God hears our prayers and answers them in His own way and time. Prayer unites us as one universal Church.

Our prayer request page is for our readers, their family, friends, co-workers and more who are in need of prayer.

If have a prayer request post a comment with the following information:

  1. First Name (Optional)
  2. Prayer request (As specific as you would like.)
  3. Please note if you want your prayer request to made public or remain private. Comments are moderated, as such no prayer requests will be made public without your permission.

Know that you are remembered in daily prayers.

Copyright (C) 2016, James A. Toups – All rights reserved.

30 comments on “Prayer Requests”

      1. Thank you for asking and for lifting Linda up with prayer. She successfully went through 9 hours of brain surgery. The neurosurgeon was pleased that he got 98% of the cancer. She started chemo this Monday and is tolerating it. My husband has been friends with Linda since kindergarten and he went through school and college with her husband Jim. We were at a loss as to what to do to help them. We realized the only thing that could make a difference is prayer and ask God to heal her and change her critical condition. It has been heartwarming to see people, like yourself that don’t know Linda, or ever will, be willing to pray for her. Christian love and service is an amazing blessing to witness. We are confident that with all these prayers, nothing will happen to Linda that doesn’t sift through God’s fingers. We will remember your care and kindness forever. May God bless you abundantly. We are most grateful!

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  1. Please pray for me. I am a younger widow of three years, no family. Please pray that God would bring the right man for me into my life. Please pray for my healing, protection and financial security. Please pray for me not to be afraid to live in my own house. Please pray that nothing else breaks down or acts up in my house. Please pray there is nothing wrong with my furnace. Thank you! Therese


  2. Please pray for the conversion of my ex, Daniel Ryan, to the Catholic faith. And also for the healing and reconciliation of our relationship, and for the healing of my heart. And that he would be protected from all evil and sin, most esp of the sin of flesh. Thank you!

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  3. Please pray for my children and grandchildren that they come home to Holy Mother Church. Also for my husband and me, for our marriage.
    Or Lady of Mt Carmel, pray for us!

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