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A Catholic Problem

I taught logic and debate for years. I taught my students how to argue rationally and not fall into the long list of fallacies. Most of my teaching was based on based on the Classical philosophical traditions. The old Catholic educational systems taught Logic to their pupils both in high school and in university. Some

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Fear vs Fear Not

One of the most resounding phrases of St. John Paul II was his reiterated “Fear Not.” If he were on earth today, and I am sure he sees this from his place in heaven, he would say it again. The West, especially Great Britain, has fallen into a fear future. Those who are lukewarm at

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The Tragic Truth

Many of us know that the Church will shortly enter into a time of great persecution. The powers of evil, both seen and unseen, which hate the one, true, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church will have their day. God is allowing these forces to purify the Church, to cleanse the tares out of the wheat.

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