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The Weight of Our Sin

There are times in our lives when we suffer under the weight of our sin. Collectively and individually we suffer. We see society suffering under the heavy cross of our sins. We see our friends, family and people everywhere suffering under the weight of sin. Today's gospel offers a powerful recognition of this suffering. For

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For Our Troubled Times

The Word of God is the most appropriate response to guide us in our troubled times. Violence and deceit are not the answers to our troubles. Our God is so good He knows exactly what we need. As a civil society we can disagree with our leaders while obeying laws. We can protest peacefully in

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Rising Violence

Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) The world around us is angry.The devil is devouring souls like a roaring lion. Pray, pray and pray again. This morning, after I spent time working my way through my normal morning routine, two thoughts struck me I would like to share. First, violence does not constitute free speech

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