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The Memo – By Jack Yoest 

The Memo – By Jack Yoest Over the last 30 plus years of my business career I have read hundreds of books on leadership, management, organization, sales and more. From this point forward I will place Jack Yoest’s book within close reach as a guide. Jack has written the quintessential leader and follower’s guide for

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Heroic Parenting 

Almost everything we know about parenting we have learned from our parents. Almost everything our children will know about parenting they will learn from us. One look at the reaction of young adults at campuses across the country in the last several months and most reasonable people can come to the conclusion that we have

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Friday Challenge 

Friday Challenge The Challenge continues.  Throughout most of our lives many of us have had somebody older and more wise help us by giving us beneficial wisdom that challenged us to new heights.  Take the time today to pay it forward. Take the following steps and be a mentor: Recognize specifically the person’s skills and

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