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The Greatest Sin Of Our Time

This will be my last posting on Jay’s blog for sometime. I have been too ill to continue with my own, and am thankful for Jay for his soapbox. Over the past several years, I have noticed that there is ONE sin which underlines all the sins of people. This is the sin of Avoidance

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Character vs Personality – Part Two

The definition of “character” may be broken into two parts. The first would be a dictionary definition of all the qualities and traits of an individual—yours and mine, different, unique, singular. Or, character may be defined as the moral and ethical qualities of a person, a view of the soul, mind and heart of a

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Personality vs. Character

Recently, from an odd source, I was reminded of a truth which I knew years ago. This is that one’s personality can interfere with personal holiness. In the States, and in some Western countries, a person’s personality is considered important for many reasons—such as to work in society, to create job connections, especially in business,

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