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Logic vs Propaganda

Below is Supertradmum’s final post. Logic and the ability to think critically was an important part of her ministry. I would encourage you to visit her personal blog and it’s extensive writings. I have learned much from her. This post follows the last one on Logic. The language of Logic is based on clear

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What is of God?

A guest post by Supertradmum I have written many times that if the Anti-Christ came today, and he will soon, although not in my life, most Catholics would not recognise him as the Enemy of God. No, Catholics will accept the Anti-Christ just as much as the pagans or those of false religions. These Catholics

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A Catholic Problem

I taught logic and debate for years. I taught my students how to argue rationally and not fall into the long list of fallacies. Most of my teaching was based on based on the Classical philosophical traditions. The old Catholic educational systems taught Logic to their pupils both in high school and in university. Some

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