Logic vs Propaganda

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Below is Supertradmum’s final post. Logic and the ability to think critically was an important part of her ministry. I would encourage you to visit her personal blog and it’s extensive writings. I have learned much from her.


This post follows the last one on Logic. The language of Logic is based on clear thinking and definitions. Years ago, I sat in a class on Aristotle’s Metaphysics at Thomas Aquinas College. After a good half-hour of Socratic discussion, I raised my hand and asked to make a comment. The instructor allowed me to speak and I pointed out that for thirty-minutes, the students were discussing a term which had not been defined. The instructor noted that I had made a valid point and that discussion could not be continued until the main idea at hand was defined. One of the students found Aristotle’s definition and the discussion took a completely different turn, because now the real meaning of the term could be discussed.

Rational discourse begins with definitions. A lot of words are thrown around today in the press, in social media, without definitions. I decided to leave Facebook in January for this very reason, that Catholics were using terms on social media discussions when they had no idea of the real meaning of those words. When I would try and show the definitions of such terms as liturgy, canon law, sacrifice, the diaconate, or infallibility, I was told that those meanings were my opinion, when, indeed, I was using long tried and true definitions.

Words mean something.

What is happening now, in advertising, in politics, and especially in theology, is that words are being twisted to mean something other than the true definition. This is called propaganda, when words are used to move people rather than to explain or delineate truth.

Progaganda has been used for years, even centuries. When Nero burnt Rome, he blamed the Christians to direct hatred of himself. He created a scapegoat people, who were then persecuted in the most horrendous manners—burned alive, crucified, fed to the lions, etc.

Nero used the words to move his populace against the Christians. He painted the Romans are victims of this new cult.

Other tyrants have done the same thing. The twisting of words can be seen in one small but horrific example, when Hitler called the Jews “vermin.” Equating the Jews with rats and other low animal life, Hitler stirred up hatred with led to the persecution of the Jews in a planned, unbelievable manner.

With the use of propaganda, logic is thrown out the window. All that matters is the end—the desired end of those who are using propaganda.

Propaganda is being used today, in politics, in both the USA and in Great Britain, so much so, that the truth of issues is being obscured, and on purpose.

The problem in 2019 is that people accept propaganda as reality, when it is totally manipulation of language. Two modern examples are the continued use of the term “reproductive rights” to refer to abortion, which is murder.

Another example is labelling those in politics who disagree with one as “traitors,” or “enemies.”

The enemy of truth is falsehood, and the Father of Lies is Lucifer. He is the real enemy. He has lost the possibility of using logic, despite his superior intellect, and all he can do is manipulate, insinuate, lie, blame, hate.

I see too many politicians following those means—manipulation, insinuation, lying, blaming, hatred.

When one does not live the virtuous life, this chaos is a direct result, and there is only one source of chaos-evil.

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,