What is of God?

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A guest post by Supertradmum

I have written many times that if the Anti-Christ came today, and he will soon, although not in my life, most Catholics would not recognise him as the Enemy of God.

No, Catholics will accept the Anti-Christ just as much as the pagans or those of false religions.

These Catholics who will not see the evil of the Anti-Christ will have deadened their discernment over and over and over.

How do people lose their discernment, part of the gifts of knowledge and counsel given at Confirmation?

There are three ways in which people lose the ability to see Evil and Good for what they are, and a sign of the End Times, is that people will make good evil and evil good.

Here is how Catholics will miss the reality of the Anti-Christ.

One, compromising ideas and actions. Recently, I was speaking to a young person who could not understand that a Catholic had to take serious stands in the world today for truth. He felt that choosing not to suffer was more important than choosing truth. Already, at a young age, he had departed from the universal experience and teaching of the greatest philosophers and religious teachers—that compromise weakens the will and the conscience. Where do Catholics compromise? Taking contraceptions; choosing to go on holidays instead of paying for independent Catholic teaching—compromising the very futures of their children to go to heaven; avoiding suffering by taking drugs at the end of death impairing the person’s ability to meet Our Lady and God with awareness. Compromise occurs in the way people vote.

Two, confusing politics with religion and religion with politics. Political allegiances are not substitutes for religion. Nor are allegiances to a particular political person. If one overlooks the tawdry character of politicians and agree that the the end justifies the means, one will not recognise the Anti-Christ, who will come as a great political leader, brining a false peace in the confusion and chaos of times which people will race to get away from—wanting comfort over truth. There are NO political saviours. There is only one Saviour and He Himself said His Kingdom was not of this world. There is no new millennia of peace. That idea is a heresy condemned by the Church long ago. Peace in this world can only come in one way—through Christ and His Way. Even so-call trad Catholics mix up politics in the Church with true religion.

Three, the ignoring of sin in one’s life. Unless one is hard on one’s self regarding even venial sins, one cannot develop a keen conscience, which can see evil for what it is. Purification of sin and one’s predominant fault leads to a simple clarity. Those who live in confusion and chaos are not of God. Let me give a stark example of this: right now, Great Britain has a prime minister who is not only living with his girlfriend while in the highest office in the land, but is still married to his second wife. In other words, there is an adulterer in Number Ten.

Now, most people in this nation do not care about this, having an erroneous idea that one’s so-called private life does not affect one’s public life. If one is unfaithful in one thing, one will be unfaithful in many. Adultery is living a lie.

The Catholics who will not recognise the anti-Christ will have soften their consciences, ignored the graces of Confirmation, and set aside Catholic thinking for the thinking of the world.

Satan is behind all of these weaknesses, Remember that sanctifying grace is the indwelling of the Holy Trinity is one’s soul. Only virtue builds on sanctifying grace, which comes through the sacraments.

The struggles of this world make us stronger and give us the ability to see evil for what it is. However, when we compromise, confuse politics with religion and religion with politics, and when we ignore sin and imperfections in our own lives, this causes confusion and laxity of the will and intellect.

Will you recognise the Anti-Christ? He will not be a Communist necessarily or even a Fascist, like Hitler or Mussolini. He will be unique in bringing about peace in a time of chaos, like a real Messiah.

Those who have not lived in suffering and self-denial will miss this new Messiah, seeing him as a good.

Be watchful. Be humble. Accept suffering with gladness. Grow in virtue daily by choosing the good over the evil.

And, if you are confused, pray to Mary, Our Lady, who has perfect discernment.

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,