Why Democracies Die

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A guest post by Supertradmum

Democracy, as we have known since Day One in the United States, presupposes an educated electorate. Now, some people who have not studied history think that North Americans who came from Europe from the Spanish in 1492, to the English starting the first settlements in 1607, to the Germans and others who came later, were illiterate, peasants seeking prosperity in the New Promised Land.

Not so. The vast majority of the earliest settlers, and, indeed, our Founding Fathers, were not only highly educated, but educated in the Liberal Arts, including language, the classics, classical history, oratory, mathematics and so on. Many of our ancestors were musicians, writers, and most importantly, politically astute. In fact, the vast majority of settlers came to the New World, because they were politically aware of the huge problems of tyranny growing in some European countries, which caused different types of warfare.

The Little House on the Prairie paradigm on television ignored the real intellectual life of Laura Ingels Wilder’s family, a significant omission. The binary idea that a settler could not be an educated man or woman, or even be literate, is one of the myths of our country.

One only has to look at the history of most, not all, (exclude the truly evil Jackson), of our presidents to see that they were highly educated, as were their cabinet members.

The anti-intellectualism of more modern times did not affect those who wanted to excel in politics—one thinks of the home-made scholar Abraham Lincoln, up in his small garret room, studying for his law degree. This ideal of scholarship as a means to a noble end of service to the nation was part of the founding character of our country.

Part of this history of education, including self-education, meant that our founders knew the histories of the greatest tyrants who ever lived and how they took power away from the people. Our early leaders also believed in natural law philosophy and the goodness of humans, part of the underpinnings of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, which could never be written today because of the prevailing philosophy of relativism.

Democacy’s greatest enemy is ignorance on the part of the voting public. Ignorance leads to several serious problems. I list a few.

1) The lack of personal responsibility owing to an ignorance which keeps a person immature.

2) The lack of perceptive, either global or national, regarding politics and governance.

3) The prejudice against an elite, who have been raised to serve others, in the sense of noblesse oblige.

4) The idolatry of leaders who claim to take the burden of governance from the people, just by the sheer power of personality.

5) The lack of discernment in understanding the “isms”—communism, fascism, anarchy, and unbridled capitalism—all condemned by the Catholic Church

There are more, but I stop here.

One can blame the abysmal eduction system for this ignorance. I began homeschooling in 1991 because of the horrific failures of school systems to teach history, logic, civics and the liberal arts, which teach students how to think.

Oh, no, governments do not want the populace to think.

Democracy is dying both in the United States and Great Britain, where it is already in the throes of death. I have written several articles on the fact that oligarchs run both the States and Britain—and some, not all, politicians like this arrangement.

I repeat Hilaire Belloc’s warning on oligarchies. Some readers may not know that Belloc saw the evils of the Industrial Revolution, when British poverty grew and sadly became acceptable, began with the Dissolution of the Monasteries, when a new class of people who stole the wealth and organisation of thousands of lay and religious communities, causing horrible poverty and the loss of personal property to the large, Protestant landlords awarded for their support of Henry. This beginning of the new oligarchy set the stage for further take-overs of not only individual rights, but property. Less and less British people owned their land, because of the upheaval of the old order. This new oligarchy, born out of revolt against the Church, solidified its hold, creating an new and devastating class structure which lasts to this present day.

Oligarchies have taken over democracies so subtly, that most people do not see this has happened. It has, and will get worse, as the goal of those oligarchs is to destroy democracy. By the way, there are oligarchs on both sides of the political spectrum—among the Republicans as well as the Democrats, and the Tories as well as Labour. Oligarchs do not care for party politics and regular undermine it. Look at the money given to both parties by some of the millionaries and billionaires in the States.

However, the bigger problem is that most of the voting public simply DO NOT CARE if the oligarchs are taking total control of their nation. The reason is that these oligarchs provide a nice standard of living. And, rather than think through the real dangers of this group of oligarchs, the public are mostly content with their private lives, and, therefore, either purposely ignore the warning signs, or are so complacent that these signs are missed.

Democracy will die because the people no longer want it, but comfort and a quiet life.

Such is the talent of the clever tyrant who panders to these basic desires. Democracy dies from the inside, not the outside.

Pay attention. Read, think, discuss, be open. Pray for real knowledge and discernment.

Or you may end up supporting the very people who will enslave you.

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,