A Call To Religious Life

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Something amazing is happening in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our area is seeing a growing wave of male and female vocations. Today, we have 42 seminarians, of which most of the diocese is aware. What many don’t know is there are a ground swell of young ladies answering the call to religious life.

Ground zero for many of these female religious vocations are coming from Our Lady of Wisdom and the work done by the Ragin Cajun Catholic’s, lead by Fr. Bryce Sibley and his amazing team. During the past year, by my count, there have been six young women that have answered the call among the Ragin Cajuns in the last year. Although, they are only a part of the wave that have responded the call to religious life. The word on the street is there more answering the call to be a bride of Christ in the next year.

My family and I became aware of this movement when our daughter Caroline, now Marie Jardin Clos, revealed to us in early October of 2017 that she believed she was being called to religious life. We were surprised, cautious and overjoyed all in one gush of emotions. Within days the Holy Spirit began working overtime in our family. It became apparent that this call was not our daughter’s alone, but one for the entire family. Marie Jardin Clos, along with three other Ragin Cajun Catholics were invested in their Holy Habits with “The Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara” on November 30th of this year.

The grace that has flowed from her unconditional yes causes us to pause each time we contemplate His work. We have been blessed to bear witness to a holy joy that radiates from these ladies who have taken a vow of poverty, chastity and obedience.

What we did not expect was to gain a new “vocations” family. Our family has expanded through the adoption of the families who also have a child that has answered the call to religious life, from all walks of life, who unconditionally love and support you. In addition to this new family, many sisters who now call us “Dad and Mom.” The joy and peace from this is beyond our dreams.

I would like to closing with a few thoughts:

• Give your child willingly to Christ no matter what their vocation. God will fill with joy any void you may feel.

• Pray for vocations each day. Our Church needs strong holy men and women to lead and work in the vineyards.

• Pray for those that are answering the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit.

JMJ, Pray for Us!

God is good,

Jay Toups

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