Prayer To Our Lady, Mother Of Divine Providence


Mary, Immaculate Virgin and Mother of divine Providence, keep my soul with the fulness of thy grace: do thou govern my life and direct it in the way of virtue to the fulfilment of the divine will. Obtain for me the pardon and remission of all my sins; be thou my refuge, my protection, my defense and my guide in my pilgrimage through the world; comfort me in the midst of tribulation; bring me safe through every danger; in the storms of adversity affordme thy sure protection. Obtain for me, O Mary, the renewal of my heart within me, that it may become a holy dwelling place for thy divine Son Jesus; keep far from me, who am so weak and miserable, every kind of sin, negligence, lukewarmness, cowardice and human respect; free me wholly from pride, vainglory, self-love and all earthly affections that hinder the saving effects of thy patronage.

Dear Mother of divine Providence, turn thy motherly gaze upon me, and, if through weakness or malice, I have provoked the threats of the eternal Judge and saddened the Sacred Heart of my dear Jesus, do thou cover me with the mantle of thy protection and I shall be safe.

Thou art the Mother of divine Providence; thou art the Virgin of pardon; thou art my hope on earth. Grant that I may have thee as my Mother in the glory of Heaven.


JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,


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