A Word From an Alien – The Isolation of Cancer


My twenty months of fighting stage four cancer has created an understanding of a painful reality of having this disease. Now, I have a strong will to live, because I want to publish my books and see my son settled in his young life. However, most of those in my life have not been supportive of my lonely fight using natural pathways to get well. I choose to live, but one must try and find support. This is almost impossible when one is not following the normal protocols of medicine. Some of us make choices for quality rather than quantity of life. The spiritual journey is one of quality, not quantity.

I have become horribly alienated because friends back off when one shares the presence of the disease. One begins to feel like an alien. Cancer is not contagious, and the isolation is compounded when one chooses the natural pathway.

This has been my great sorrow in choosing what I think is God’s way to health, which is a vegan diet, and supplements to build the immune system, to help my own body fight this disease. Let me describe this sad reality, by making bullet points.

1) People back off from relationship. Fear dominates most cultures in the West at this point in time. People are afraid of many things, such as crime, terrorism, and disease. When one is fighting a disease like cancer, the first reaction, even of family members, is fear. Fear ends trust. One cannot have a trustful relationship with a friend if that person falls into fear. Of course, the response to fear is trust in Divine Providence. Only prayer and relying on God totally ends fear and anxiety. Those of us following the natural path way learn to trust on God.

2) People assume you are going to die. Again, because cancer is a killer, people assume one will die soon. I know of people who have had tumours for fourteen or even twenty years, brave people who are feeding their immune systems to keep fighting the cancer and controlling it. Cancer does not have to be a death sentence, although sometimes it is. Following the natural path way causes people to think one has given up. Not so, and quite the opposite, as those of us who have chosen this way, have taken responsibility for our own health. Those of us who believe in alternative medicine also want to live. This will to live is key to getting better, and living longer. Being around negative people who keep talking about death is NOT good for the person suffering from cancer. Negativity undermines healing and the building up of the immune system.

3) People believe in the medical regime and Big Pharma too much. This leads to a false trust in the old protocols still being pushed by most doctors. Integrative doctors understand that nutrition and deficiencies in both vitamins and minerals can cause cancer. Most ordinary doctors know nothing about nutrition or nutrients. They absolutely never study in depth the effect of diet on diseases, including mental illness. Nor, are most open to considering alternatives. The “laity” trusts the medical system too much, and therefore, do not encourage the cancer sufferer who chooses alternative ways to be healed, cured.

4) Some people do not help the stress levels of the cancer sufferer. They add to stress by being negative and not listening to the person who is going “natural.” Stress not only makes cancer grow, but can even cause cancer. A person like me, who is fighting cancer, cannot endure stress without seeing that the cancer is growing. Those around me who cause me more stress are simply people I need to avoid, sadly. Stressful situations could be alleviated by the Christian community, but, again, sadly, those are becoming more and more rare, so the cancer sufferer has to suffer in so many ways.

All of these things cause me to be isolated. I share this because I am not the only cancer sufferer who becomes isolated. Those of us who go vegan and take supplements become more alienated, as the vast majority of society will not support this pathway.

Pray for those of us who are treated like aliens. The fight would be a lot easier if I had support.

If one does not follow that “voice” inside of each one, that person dies. Each one of us has to be true to ourselves and follow the way we think God has ordained.

Support those around you, help them to stand up for themselves, and respect their choice for life.

Inspire them, do not criticise or worse, ignore, as if that person is dead already. I hope this sharing helps you all understand that the person with cancer does not have to be alienated.

I am a Catholic human being, not a freak or a hippy or a new ager. I hope you support me in prayer, if not in words or deeds.

by Supertradmum

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,


2 comments on “A Word From an Alien – The Isolation of Cancer”

  1. God certainly is good.
    Trust in Him.

    And I had no true idea just how good until He quite literally barged in and showed me the ground He walks on.

    Change nothing you are doing and dump all that doesn’t fit.

    If I sent this link previously; my apologies, but it’s a true story and may lift you just a bit.

    Consider too, Satan just may well be God’s own cancer!

    God bless.


  2. Thank you sharing this difficult journey that you are traveling. It is painful to read how fear is what most people fall back on when they don’t understand…or they don’t know what to do. At a time in your life when you could use a bit of charity, people hide behind their fear. Oh, I understand fear and it’s immobilizing effect on people …but as people who profess to be Christians we need to walk the path that Christ walked… We need to put aside our fear and journey into those dark corners guided only by the Light of Christ, doing all that we can in offering our support… How can we expect anything less? After all, we are called to ‘be not afraid’… And we are called to live with love for one another… particularly those who are burdened, those who suffer…
    I will be praying for you… for your health and for your healing. I will also pray for those who have allowed themselves to be guided by their fears, that they will allow themselves instead to turn to the Lord and put their trust in God. God Bless.

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