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One of the most resounding phrases of St. John Paul II was his reiterated “Fear Not.” If he were on earth today, and I am sure he sees this from his place in heaven, he would say it again. The West, especially Great Britain, has fallen into a fear future.

Those who are lukewarm at the first met, just outside of hell, by Dante in the Inferno.

Christ condemned the lukewarm, and Dante see them as cowards, not choosing God or evil, but ending up condemned by their very lack of commitment to Good.

Now, most people understand fear cultures as those in the workplace, or in certain unions, where management is allowed to bully employees.

For an entire culture to be afraid, there has to be collusion from five sources, purposefully created a populace which depends totally on the government for safety. Of course, many of us Catholics know that governments are not to be trusted on the whole, as God warned us over and over in the Old Testament through His prophets. One of the reason why Jerusalem fell and that the people who were not killed were sent into exile in Babylon, was that the kings made bad treaties with certain governments out of fear.

Let me explain the five sources which are creating the fear culture:

One, the media. This is obvious. Too many programs on crime, either fictional or factual, fan fear. I watched, in about 2012, a two-hour show on home invasions in Ireland. Several couples and people were interviewed, and the details were harrowing. However, at the end of this presentation, the small print at the bottom of the credits read that home invasions constituted .01% of crime.

Fear mongering for the sake of selling shows on television, or radio, is rampant.

Two, the medical industry. Yes, those doctors who are supposed to support life and encourage life, speak mostly of death. Part of this is the lack of religion among doctors, who have lost faith in God and only concentrate on pain and suffering. Part of the fear culture of hospitals is the insistence on “planned death,” or euthanasia, a growing acceptance of suicide and murder. Abortion causes fear in many people, as well as anxiety. The culture of death “lives” on fear, feeds on fear. People are seen, in national health industries, as “burdens on the system,” if they have mental problems, either physical or spiritual. This is owing to fear of those in charge being fired if they go over budget. Fear….

Three, the educational institutions, especially those of lower grades levels. Here, we have seen an explosion of teaching on safety, beyond what is necessary for children. We coddle children to the point where they can no longer play on grass or concrete, but have to have padded surfaces, so as not to hurt themselves. Children are not allowed to explore, out of fear, or play outside. How many children in the past two generations have spent all their free time in organised play, or events, without any consideration of the need for free, creative play time?

Four, the legal industry. This is so obvious with the advertising of lawyers who want people to state litigation against individuals and corporations, not only out of greed, but out of fear.

Five, the biggest culprit in creating a fear culture is the government of your nation. Yes, yes, yes…this is what happened in Germany even before World War I. Fear caused the demonisation of the Jewish people, and others, like the Romanies.

Example, the councils which did not report the continual, sexual abuse of girls by Muslim men, were full of employees afraid to be seen as “racist.” Those hundreds, if not thousands, as one person from the area told me, of girls lives were ruined because of cowardice.

A second example are the new health and safety rules of Great Britain, which do state that those advertising for accommodation are liable if something goes wrong. Hence, the fact that NO Churches, convents, or monasteries will help other find accommodation now. This type of ruling not only fans fear, but kills Christian charity.

British people live in a fear culture.

Some areas of the United States are fear cultures.

Catholics DO NOT live in fear, which is from the evil one, especially if craven and exaggerated, but live in the Resurrected life of Christ.

“Do not be afraid,” St. John Paul II said, as well as Padre Pio and other saints.

Fear will create tyrannies, as people will want a government to protect them. From WHAT?

Fear of crime, and fear of immigrants is opposite the meaning of catholic in the description of our Church.

Those who CHOOSE to live in fear will never see God, as already they have chosen to live in a state opposite of trusting in Divine Providence.

To not trust in Divine Providence, as the Great Teresa of Avila noted, is to slap God in the Face. He is all Good, Loving, Kind, Providence.

Fear is not the way of the Christian. Fear breeds bigotry and violence. One only has to look at the history of the world to see that the civilisations which purposefully chose fear became cultures of death, machines of death.

The list is long, and today’s world we see this growing fear, like a cloud, covering the West, as well as Africa and South America.

Relationship with Christ ends fear.

Prudence is not the same as fear, but that is another post.

“Do not be afraid.”

by Supertradmum

JMJ, Pray for us!

God is good,


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  1. Fear is so rampant in our society, I can’t even bear to watch the news because it seems that we have become a society that wants to be protected from everything. People scream and holler and demand that someone do something…” I am afraid and I can’t live like this any longer”..Of course the government is always more than happy to oblige and then ‘poof’ before you know it…they have usurped every last bit of our freedoms. Yes indeed… there should be no room for fear in the heart of a Christian…. Another Great post. God bless.

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