A Member of the Remnant Writes

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Years ago, over 40, Pope Benedict stated that the future of the Church would be small isolated communities in a sea of unbelief.

For years, I thought there would be a schism between the liberal Church and the remnant true believers.

I no longer believe that and have not for some time.

As Satan has planned, the outcome of the RICO findings will be a destruction of Catholic parishes, schools, monasteries, and, perhaps, even convents. This will take some time, but the outcome will be the closing of almost all the beloved institutions of the Church.

Once the depth of the homosexual alliance of some priests, bishops and cardinals is revealed, fines will follow, with the result of the bankruptcy of most dioceses.

New pipelines of gay, South American and Mexican seminarians being sent to seminaries in the United States will be uncovered, leaving the government free to close such institutions.

There will be no schism because there will be no liberal Church. It will be swept away by governments, in the western world, and perhaps in southern countries, once the tidal wave of evidence floods the courts.

People will leave the Church in droves, not because of the scandals per se, but because their faith is weak to being with and because they will not want to be associated with a troubled Church.

This has happened before. The only difference between these scandals and many, many in previous centuries regarding homosexual or bisexual clerics, is that this group wants to change Catholic teaching regarding sexual mores. That is key.

However, the liberal factions will become impoverished and die away, leaving a small, very small group, as prophesied by the Pope Emeritus so long ago, in his famous Der Spiegel interview.

So, who will be the remnant?

Those who love the Church, those who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, those who have allowed the Holy Spirit to purify them, both laity and clergy.

A small group, and as in Great Britain so long ago, false Catholics and those who do not strive to be saints, will fade into the non-religious group who become cynical about religion in general.

To be part of the remnant will be a challenge, as most people will deride those who remain Catholic. We shall be more and more marginalised.

We shall be persecuted and a minority. Minorities who are persecuted either become stronger, or fade away.

Where shall you be? Shall you cling to Holy Mother Church, and the Eucharist, or fall away? We all have free will to make this choice.

I know what mine is and always will be.

By Supertradmum

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,