A Few Tips for the Laity

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One, although I am not “lay,” being a consecrated woman, who made public vows. I can help some of the laity as to how to deal with all of this anger and feeling of betrayal.

I have a long history of dealing with victims of sexual abuse, which goes back to the 1960s, and before. I have dear friends and family members who have been abused, and for years and years.

Let me outline a few things, which should be obvious.

1) God has arranged for this all to come to light. These horrible crimes date back centuries, but have become epidemic because of the general laxity of our cultures and society. All of these bad priests, bishops and cardinals come from families. The laity must look at their own lives as ask, are we saying the daily rosary as a family; are we fasting and doing penance, as asked for by Our Lady over and over; are we training our children to love God first and love His Church? Do we teach respect or hatred for the hierarchy? Do we act like Protestants or Catholics?

2) The grooming of seminaries goes back prior to Vatican Ii, as i know personally, when many young men, in the minor seminaries, when they existed, and thank God they no longer do, were abused and groomed and passed on this paradigm of homosexual and pedophile behaviour. In earlier days, victims were not heard, or pushed down, or threatened. Thank God, victims are now allowed the freedom to come forth. I know several who are reliving their pain because of all this news, although it happened decades ago. Again, the old boy system prevented knowledge from coming to the surface.

3) Conspiratorial thinking is not logical nor helpful. And ad hominem attacks against people without proof, is evil. God will bring all to light, as He is now, and we can be assured He will protect His Church as it goes forward. Of course, there will be purification.

4) Satan has succeeded in undermining the entire Church through these actions. He planned this and is brilliant. Even the beloved St. John Paul II and the saintly Pope Emeritus could not deal with the Lavender Mafia. God told Pope Benedict to resign, as this pope has stated publicly. He was not forced, in order to bring about this very day. We should not just mourn, but be glad that the truth is now becoming obvious.

5) As laity, and I, as a consecrated woman, must respect the office of the Pope. Only a Pope can judge a pope, as seen several times in the past, and sometimes, the College of Cardinals can do so. No lay person can take away the office or person of the Pope. Only God can make a pope an un-pope, and that is a mystery of breaking the oath of office, which only God can do. The laity can push the envelope by investigative journalism and speaking the truth, praise God, but always in charity, and not in anger or rebellion. We are not Protestants.

6) What we can do and what we have been asked to do over and over by Our Lady of Fatima and of Akita, is to pray, fast and do penance.

7) Pray for the victims whose lives have been ruined, and pray for the perpetrators so that they will repent and not go to hell. While there is life there is hope. I remind people that one of the worst popes in history, Benedict X, repented in the end after stepping down. All things are possible with God, and while there is life, there is hope.

8) I look at my own sins, many of which would have condemned me to hell without the sacrament of confession and frequent Communion. Being humble is part of all of this. All of us, each one of us could have been so perverted by ego, wealth and passion. If one cannot see that, one has not the virtue of humility.

9) Get ready for the governments to ruin your Church, close schools, hospitals, colleges, parishes, chancery offices. Be ready to be a member of the remnant and learn to be holy without the sacraments, as this is the future. The Pope Emeritus in his famous 1960s Der Spiegel interview told us all years ago that the future of the Church was to be small isolated communities in a sea of unbelief. Get ready for recusant times. Learn to be a saint, or you will be swept away by the millions of Catholics who will fade away, not wanting to belong to a Church under siege. This is our faith, to become saints in times of trial.

By Supertradmum

JMJ, pray for us.

God is good,