Look for Persecution

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The coming to a head of the sexual sins of the clergy, bishops and cardinals included, as well as the massive systemic cover-ups will lead to more things than the rolling of heads of some of the major perpetrators.

I see, already, several serious problems which will get worse in the next months owing to these horrific sins. However, these problems are part of the plan of satan to undermine the Church and destroy it. Of course, he will not succeed.

Here is a list of problems I see already, plus some I “prophesy.”

1) The lack of confidence in the laity, a normal reaction, is leading to paranoia about all members of the Church hierarchy, as well as the large number of innocent priests. This paranoia may be seen in com-boxes on various sites, a paranoia which is not healthy and not necessary, and the result of an over-reaction to sin.

Paranoia is a false apprehension of reality. Not all bishops and not all priests are guilty. Not all seminaries are corrupted, albeit most are.

How these problems are solved remains to be seen, but a growing paranoia among the laity will not help matters and open the door for more evils.

2) Paranoia leads to witch-hunts, looking for evil where there is none and passing out blame to those who are not to blame. This is tricky business. One cannot justify the great evils and the endemic problem in the Church, in seminaries and in the hierarchy. However, looking for evil and thinking that even the Pope is guilty of cover-ups, is fantasising at this point. Witch-hunts do more harm than good.

3) Yes, the governments of states and even the federal government need to be involved in applying justice to the perpetrators, who much pay for their heinous crimes. However, while clamouring for justice, the laity must beware of the governments taking advantage of prosecuting evil-doers by attacking the Church, Church property, the entire framework of hierarchy, schools, seminaries, colleges and universities. All governments are anti-Catholic at this stage of world history. The Untied State is no different in the not-so-hidden hatred of the largest institution in the world, the Catholic Church, which is a threat to all governments morally and spiritually. Wait and see what strictures and new laws may shut down diocesan offices and basically halt the work of the Church in the United States.

4) The victims’ needs are not being met by clamouring for the heads of the perpetrators. Care must be given, and justice done, including reparation for these sins, to these victims, whose lives have been ruined by sexual abuse. These needs cannot be underestimated, such as counselling for severe post-traumatic stress and even imposed, or adopted same-set-attraction which was a result of pre-pubescent sexual encounters. When a boy is as young as six or seven or eight and being abused by priests, he will absolutely be confused about sexual attraction, not to mention the oppression, obsession and even possession of demonic presences which can result from such trauma. All these needs are the responsibility of the larger community of the Church.

5) The blame-game is one thing, while responsible in-depth journalism is another. Too many people are allowing their emotions to cause knee-jerk reactions and blame, blame, blame. Yes, there is a systemic problem, but this needs to be dealt with rationally.

Blaming causes a misinterpretation of reality. Like paranoia, blaming is a symptom of stress, as well as pride. Yes, pride. Too many of the laity are not looking at the beams in their own eyes.

Sexual predators do not appear overnight. They are groomed. Old cardinals and bishops were groomed decades ago. Families have been dysfunctional since the turn of the 20th century, with the occurrence of two World Wars, depressions, infidelity, and domestic abuse in the home. These things are not new. Since Adam, people have been sinning seriously in families, in schools, in colleges. Blame ends up dividing the community.

6) My last point is simply this. That the Catholic Church is already divided and the result of these scandals is that it will be divided even more, and not merely between the goodies and the baddies. How to go forward is a huge question dividing people even now. Criminal offences need to be dealt with immediately. How to rectify the systemic problem is an open question.

7) Lastly, there is a real fear that priests may be denied the right of the confessional oath of secrecy. If any government passes laws against this, we shall see out and out persecution involving our own sacramental life.

I am close to these problems for many reasons. Four of my family members were sexually abused in the 1930s and 1940s by a priest who most likely abused hundreds of children in that particular boarding school. In those days, one had no recourse to truth or action. Now we do. Several of my seminary friends in college were abused in minor seminaries and groomed. One of my best friends was abused, as was his brother, for years as an altar boy.

I am involved personally and have been my entire life. My diocese had the third highest pay-out for sexual abuse offences, many dating back to the 1940s and 1950s.

These new revelations are the tip of the iceberg.

Out of this will come the greatest persecution the Church has seen in modern times. Satan has arranged all of this with his superior intelligence and with the egotism, narcissism, and selfishness of the clergy at all levels.

May I add one more point. For years, I have thought that the secular, also called diocesan clergy should take a vow of poverty like the orders. Look at all the money those evil bishops and cardinals spent on their twisted pleasures. The misuse of money could not have happened with a poorer clergy and poorer hierarchy. We may see this happen, because of new government laws which will take away Church assets and properties. This is my prophecy.

Get ready for persecution, but do not fall into paranoia.

by Supertradmum

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,