No Dogs, No Coloureds

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A reference to an old sign on the doors of lodgings in Great Britain years ago, in the title of this post, is sadly appropriate today. Some archivists claim “No Irish” signs were common as well in the past here in Great Britain

Recently, a world music festival in Great Britain faced the reality of the “hostile environment” created by the present government. Three acts were prevented from entering the UK, revealing the depth of the problems with free movement in Great Britain. Those of you following the Affi Evans case saw how the government banned his parents from taking a plane to Italy, where a helicopter was ready, gratis, to take the child and his parents to the hospital in Rome. The child died, murdered, with a toxic cocktail, according to sources near me, who I cannot reveal.

Back to the music festival—the founder Peter Gabriel, stated that “The right to travel for work, for education and even for pleasure is increasingly being restricted and often along racial and religious lines.” Religious lines does not mean all religions, but specially, Catholics, Evangelicals and others.

Artists are not coming to GB as it is too difficult. The other huge problem, more serious, is that fruit and vegetables, again, as in April, are rotting in the fields, as the immigration will not let the seasonal workers in, even though this is an illegal action, as they are protected by international law. Job opportunities are being lost by qualified foreigners as well. Romanian workers, who are designated as Seasonal Workers, have decided not to come back to England after racist comments and difficulties with immigration. There is a 30% fall out of workers in Britain for Fall, and a 15% shortage now, as I write. Great Britain has relied on workers from other European countries for many, many years. One recruiter reported in the news yesterday that there is a 2000 person shortage for this year alone. Usually, at least 4,000 seasonal workers come to Britain to pick crops. Recruiting companies cannot fill the jobs.

Britain is a nation of diversity and always has been. When the first missionaries came to this country to bring Christianity to the tribes, they were from Italy and Ireland. The Danes, the French, and the Irish populated this country for centuries. 60% fo Brits have French DNA, and yet, this hostile environment grows.The old communities are being affected.

Part of the problem is that bigotry is now institutionalised. The latest is the rant from one of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies, in the Labour Party, stating that Jewish “Trump fanatics” are engineering bad press for bigotry against the Labour Party. The Jewish community contradicted Peter Willsman at a meeting this week, who made the anti-Semitic comments. Willsman has even spoke against rabbis. Labour is in denial about anti-Semitism, a huge flaw in the party which is obvious. That such bigotry could be publicly expressed in 2018 is amazing.

International laws are being ignored because of this fear culture. Those people who clamour against immigrants do not understand how the entire nation has been use to workers coming in and helping the economy.

The same problem of stricter rules is affecting the restaurant industry. Most of the waiters and waitresses in London are from other EU countries. This has been normal for a long time. The same is true for department store workers. I visited a famous department store in Dublin, and all the girls and guys at the tills were from Poland. I ask people were the young British workers are—many are on “the dole,” choosing not to work, which is a problem with socialism. Others leave the country after getting degrees, especially to the States, where the standard of living is higher. One woman in Ireland told me the young people do not want to work for low wages and live at home, as the Polish kids do, until they can stand on their own two feet. They would rather be out of the family and on the dole.

Such is the evil of socialism, destroying initiative and what we in the Midwest call, “get up and go.” The Church has been against socialism for a long time, over a century, in fact, for good reason.

But, the hostile environment of Britain will kill this little island. Those who claim they are “British” ignore their own ancestry of Irish, French, and Danish, as well as Italian and Spanish backgrounds. These “Little Englanders,” as they are called here, believe in some type of mythology about what it means to be British. In Scotland, for example, the Scots tribes and the Flemish brought Scotland to economic prosperity long ago. The Scots can be proud of their own background, and understand, better than some in the south, the need to be open to immigrants.

From the Catholic viewpoint, of course, besides criticising the sin of bigotry, the problem is simple to define—the long usage of contraception and abortion among the Brits. The Anglican Church allowed contraception in the Lambeth Conference of 1930. I quote from wiki on this conference decision.

Resolution 15 allowed “in those cases where there is such a clearly felt moral obligation to limit or avoid parenthood, and where there is a morally sound reason for avoiding complete abstinence, the Conference agrees that other methods may be used, provided that this is done in the light of the same Christian principles.” The vote for this Resolution was 193 for it, 67 against it, and 47 not voting. This was the only Resolution for which a record of the numbers voting was required.[23]

The London Times of June 30, 1930, predicted that the Lambeth Conference would change the “social and moral life” of humanity. This was done by the Conference’s Resolution 15 in which in contradiction to earlier Resolutions (1908 Resolution 41 and 1920 Resolution 66) allowed the use of contraception in marriage.[24]

Walter Carey, Bishop of Bloemfontein, withdrew from the Conference in protest and even sent a petition to the King on the subject. wiki article on the Lambeth Conferences

Catholic priests for over 70 years in some parishes have told Catholic women who are married to Anglicans that contraception is OK. Of course, it is not. Such compromises have created an imbalance in the population, and, hence the need for immigrant workers. This includes professionals. In 2014, 25% of the doctors in Great Britain were foreigners and 11% of staff. The figures are higher now.

One may ask why this hostile environment is even necessary. And, who created the term? Teresa May.

Christ did not create a hostile environment when He established the Church. Look at many of the original leaders, common men from all parts of Israel, then a colony of Rome. The background of the Jewish community was varied, with Jews from Galliee, Judea, as well as the calling of the Gentiles under the leadership of St. Paul, who took the Gospel to the great cities of the Levant and Europe. In other words, the Early Church was not made up of just Caucasians. In fact, when St. Augustine was Bishop of Hippo, there were 400 plus dioceses in Northern Africa. Three early popes were Berbers, including Pope Victor I, who was from Libya, We just celebrated his feast day on July 28th, St. Victor I, Pope and Martyr.

Another pope from Africa, and a saint, is St. Miltiades, who was born, like Victor, in Northern Africa. His feast day is January 10th. A third pope from the early days of the Church, St. Gelasius III, was also African and a great writer against heresies. This champion of orthodoxy’s feast day is November 21st.

For those who do not know what a Berber is, let me add to the list, that St. Monica was from Berber descent as well. These Africans are still a unique indigenous tribe from Northern Africa, from the Siwa Oasis in Egypt to the Atlantic Ocean, and from the Niger River to the Mediterranean Sea. They historically have their own language. They are a mixture of White European and Mediterranean and sub-Saharan peoples, but are one of many huge tribal indigenous peoples of that continent. Those three saints would not pass British immigration today. But, then, Great Britain is not Catholic, nor has been for almost 500 years. To be Catholic is to be world-wide, not a national church of those who want to be elite.

Great Britain’s immigration is based on three types of immigrates: one, the needed professionals and seasonal workers; two, those caught up in war-torn countries seeking refuge; and three, wealthy people from the Near East who can settle anywhere in the world as they are so wealthy. Sadly, all three groups have experienced hatred, the old renewal of bigotry and disdain.

Every nation has a right to determine who comes in and out, but not to create a hostile environment. I pray that the message of Christ, to love your neighbour as yourself overcomes the growing intolerance of the Little Englanders, who seem to believe they come from some “pure stock,” like the myth of the supremacist Aryan nation developed and spread by the Nazis, a myth which said this “race” was superior to all others, including Slavs, Jews, Asians, and Blacks, as well as smaller groups, such as the Romanies, who, do by the way, have distinct racial DNA. Mussolini fell in with this Nordicism as well, eventually.

Fascism grew out of this nationalistic hatred of other races or sub-groups of people. It is interesting that the Nazis propagated both abortion and contraception among their own “in-crowd.” One has to be honest and state that Great Britain has created the same kind of myth of racially pure and superior peoples. Catholic teaching is clear on the nature of the Church, which is international, global, the largest threat to other nations who want the power of globalisation. Let us be humble and clear that to exclude people from the Church and from our nations who are in need is not Catholicism. A young person told me recently that she liked the Catholic Church because it was “elite.” I corrected her. She did not like the correction, as she is one of those trads (and I am trad) who falls into Gnosticism. May we as the People of God never forget that nationalism is one of the greatest threats to the existence of the Church.

Every nation where nationalism became the focus of politics excluded the Church, even persecuted it. Every one, including the Roman Empire, Tudor and later Britain, Nazi Germany, atheistic Russia, and China. Where the nation is placed above God and people, there will be a growth of intolerance and needless fear.

By Supertradmum

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,