Some thoughts on why Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI resigned

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A post by guest blogger Supertradmum

If one has read the writings of Blessed Catherine Emmerich, one can see clearly the signs of the times. Like Akita, the most important apparition of our times, to which I shall return, Catherine’s private revelations give us a glimpse into the mysteries and chaos of these times.

Remember, as I wrote so long ago on my blog, that all chaos is from the devil. The fact that we are living in chaotic times indicates that evil has been unleashed upon the earth in a new way. This is all part of God’s plan, firstly to punish us Catholics for refusing grace, and secondly, to bring about the conversions of millions through hardships.

The question of why the Pope Emeritus resigned is still on the lips of many of the laity. Lately, I had an in-depth discussion with a Vatican watcher, who noted years before the resignation, that the symbols of Benedict’s legal papacy were being changed even while he was still the active pope. I had noted on my blog years ago, that the placing of the palilum on Clement’s tomb was a sign of a future resignation.

I also noticed, but did not write, about the change in Benedict’s heraldry while he was still pope. This happened unnoticed except by me and my Vatican watcher friend. Then, Benedict changed his title, slowly, while still pope. He was no longer His Holiness by the end of his time, but merely, after several stages, Benedict XVI, even leaving off the word “pope.”

So, slowly but surely, Benedict was divesting himself of his legal position as head of the Church. Why?

And why does the present legal Pope, Francis, a Jesuit, frequently visit with the Pope Emeritus for talks?

When a war is going on, where are the generals? Not in the front of the battles, but behind the lines, organising and controlling operations, is where the generals stay. The Pope Emeritus is still involved in running the Church. One cannot un-consecrate a pope. He is a pope until he dies, but not the LEGAL pope.

The Pope Emeritus is still “active” but not the legal pope.


There are hundreds of international law suits in the international courts against the present and previous two popes, St. John Paul II and the Pope Emeritus. These lawsuits come from the pedophile scandals. These are active court cases against the papacy.

The Pope Emeritus is the “name” of the “corporation” involved in most of these cases.

Blessed Catherine Emmerich apparently, according to my source, appeared to the Pope Emeritus, and told him to stay in Rome, or else he would be arrested by Interpol. Interesting.

This source also told me that Pope Francis was almost arrested when in Germany by the international police. This was not reported in the media, as my Vatican watcher noted. The reason was that Pope Francis is the LEGAL head of the Church, voted in legally by the cardinals. He is the Jesuit on the throne of Peter. The Jesuits are a military order, who take an oath to defend the Pope, even with their lives, states my Vatican watcher. I do not know whether the Jesuits still take this oath. Maybe a Jesuit can respond to this post and tell us yay or nay. My Vatican watcher states it is so.

Therefore, Francis, the Jesuit, who may have taken the oath to defend the Pope and to defend the Church needs our prayers even more. Pope Francis is the first pope to come out of the modernist infiltrated seminary system. He needs our prayers and not our hatred or condemnation. He is the Pope on the front lines, while Benedict is in the background, still giving advice.

“It is interesting that the Pope Emeritus’ ring was not destroyed. This usually happens at the death of a pope. In this case, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI still has some authority. He cannot be “unconsecrated” pope.

As all private revelations are a mixture of the spiritual revelation and the personal, we do not have to believe all that Catherine Emmerich states. She is not, the same as others with private revelations approved by Rome, infallible. She is not.

However, think about this—one pope the legal pope, a Jesuit, who needs our prayers to be the true Jesuit the Order was founded to nurture and send into the world, and the quiet power in the monastery behind the great halls of power in Rome.

Think, reflect, pray….


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JMJ, pray for us!

God is good,