On Generational Spirits

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Father Chad Ripperger, the head of the Order of the Doloran Fathers, an order of exorcists, has at least four talks given at conferences, on generational spirits. A family which wants to be healed of tendencies towards sin, or which wants to break away from the oppressions and attacks of generational demons, should consider and listen to Fr. Ripperger’s talks on youtube.

His website, which I shall link below, also has these talks.

However, I want to outline a few facts on generational spirits, which are demons, to help those families experiencing difficulties.

First of all, there are demons attached to nations, cities, businesses, even dioceses. Demons attach themselves to families and a family can experience the ravages of such spiritual warfare for centuries. These demons stop the family from the vocation God wanted to see the family live, the gifts each individual family has to give to the world, to their community, to their church.

Father teaches us that one can learn what the particular demon is in a family by several things. One is looking at one’s repeated sins over the years, the sins we all say over and over in confession. Such persistent sins could be the result of an oppression from a demonic source. The second way is to look at family history. Sins may be seen in the history of individuals, through the patterns of sin, or illness, or oppression. The third way is by asking Our Lady of Sorrows to reveal the names of these demons to one.

Our Lady of Sorrows has complete power over demons and the knowledge of demonic warfare as her suffering throughout her life, from the Presentation on to the Crucifixion of her Son. Mary earned great merit all those years of the knowledge of the Passion of Christ which was to come and her faithfulness at the foot of the Cross. Under the name of Virgo Potens, Virgin Most Powerful, Mary can share with one the knowledge of the types of oppressions a family and the individuals endure.

Sometimes it is painfully obvious what the particular generational demon is, for example. A family wherein there are generations of misers, would reveal a demon of greed, avarice. Indeed, many of the demons are embodiments of the seven deadly sins.

One person told me one of their ancestors was a slaver, a captain in the English mercantile class who shipped slaves from Africa to the new world. The horrendous sin opened the door for demonic influence in the family. Such serious sins as abortion, witchcraft, sorcery, embezzlement, and so on, can open the door to centuries of demonic influences. In the above example, the family endured sins of bigotry and greed, as well as cruelty. These types of sins are what Father Ripperger calls the “daughters”, sins pointing to the biggie—the serious decision towards evil which allowed the demonic influence to come into the family.

For young couples having babies, I encourage praying over the children and also breaking the pattern of generational demonic influence through fasting, prayer, and mortification. Father Ripperger notes that these types of demons are hard to get out of the family, being tenacious. Their goal is to get people in the family to go to hell, where the generational demon can torment the person forever.

Another way of getting rid of the demons in the family is through the saying of the binding prayers in Father Ripperger’s book, Deliverance Prayers for the Laity, which can be found on Amazon. Yet another way is by praying to the nemesis, the patron saint, who is the person who can fight the particular demon. For example, if one has discerned with the help of Our Lady of Sorrows that the family generational demon is fear, the saints who exhibit courage, hope and trust in Divine Providence, would be the ones to pray to for relief. St. Edmund Campion, or St. Thomas More, could be a nemesis against the demon of fear.

One must pray until one sees results.

Demonic generational influences usually number two, one for each side of the family, the paternal and the maternal. Sometimes, in fact often, people marry someone with the same generational spirit, as these attract each other and desire to bring the entire family to hell. A paternal demon could be greed, and a maternal one fear, and so on.

It is important to get rid of these demons as they interfere with the holy call of each family. Again, as an example, a family which was called to be a shining light in the community, in the parish church, exhibiting the virtue of temperance, could be attacked by the family demon of intemperance, or addiction. Another family, called to love others and show a great love of God in the community, could be plagued with depression. Again, those family members would want to pray the binding prayers, fast, do mortification, and pray to the nemesis saint for help in getting rid of the generational spirit.

I highly suggest listening the the talks by Father Ripperger. Again, these are on youtube, and on his website, sentrad.org.https://sentrad.org/

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