Millennials, Marriage and Families

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In the past five years, people have been writing and decrying the fact that the last three generations, the Baby Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials have created a larger amount of men and women who do not want to be married than in previous generations.

These authors who are upset that men are not accepting the responsibility of marriage and children are somehow an aberration.

Yes, the Peter pans and pans of this world, as I read on a blog years ago, have ben created by self-indulgent parents who have not taught their children how to suffer or endure suffering.

The last two generations have not learned how to suffer.

The present younger generation is not choosing marriage. Many people, especially Catholics, are upset by this trend. Let me state that I see this as part of God’s plan as we face a serious time of tribulation, in which Our Lady of Akita told us that one-third of mankind will be wiped out.

Why would God allow a generation of young people not to pursue the normal vocation of marriage?

I present three reasons.

One, these youth see the chaos of the current world and see that the coming times will be in turmoil and tribulation and not a good place for family life. They sense, even if they are not religious, the turbulence in the world, not merely the Western world, but the Eastern world.

In times of political upheaval and war in the past, throughout history, people have not pursued marriage, as they saw the signs of the times of insecurity and violence. This is not cowardice, or even a lack of faith in God, but a prudence brought about by necessity.

These decisions among peoples have happened in the past. Throughout history there have been times of the waning of marriage when young people saw the horror of destruction, such as the Fall of the Roman Empire. There is a reason why St. Benedict had so many vocations to his new foundations of monasteries, and why the Desert Fathers had many followers. This thought leads to my third point.

But, second, the Millennials today have been raised with no religion. They do not have a background of religion to choose Christ in the radical way of the vows of chastity, obedience, and poverty. Their souls and minds are tabula rasas, when it comes to religion. They are, in other words, RIPE for evangelisation.

My third point is connected to number one. Those who were floundering at the loss of the highly organised Roman Empires, which gave the world peace, planned by God so that Christianity could spread on the highways and byways of the world, looked towards Benedict and the Desert Fathers for the stability of the monasteries and the holiness of following the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

Look at these dates: Fall of the Roman Empire, 476; St. Benedict’s leaving of home and entering into the valley of Subiaco, 500-510; by 530, the foundation of 12 monasteries in and near Subiaco; in 530, the foundation of Monte Cassino.

From where did those men come who joined his order so quickly?

These were the large numbers of single men looking for meaning after the fall of the great empire the world had ever seen to that point in time.

The Pax Romana, which allowed for the enormous missionary activity of the Apostles and their disciples, led to the later stage for the setting up of the monasteries which not only saved Western Civilisation from being lost, but which created Catholic eduction.

These young men (and women who followed St. Scholastica) were looking for the type of organisation which had previously been provided by the local governments of the Roman Empire. Indeed, Benedict’s own father was part of the ruling class, the nobility, and a possibly a governor of Nursia or the surrounding area. The great Rule of St. Benedict provided stability, schedule, order, discipline, and the security of heaven. What more could those young people desire or need?

The Millennials only need to be evangelised. Then, we may see a flowering of the contemplative orders, both those of men and women.

The contemplative orders are the backbone of the Church and the merit for all of us who are in the world fighting the good fight. Without the contemplatives, we have no strength.

Think of it. Millions of young people entering the orders in order to pray as the world collapses about them and us.

Evangelise those young people. That is God’s Will.

They are single for not only sociological and psychological reasons, but as part of God’s Plan. Pray about this.

Mr. Jamie Hunter is a political commentator living in Great Britain.

JMJ, pray for us.

God is good,


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