The Killing of Alfie Evans and the Death of the West

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Because of wickedness, cast them forth, In anger put down the peoples, O God! (Psalm 56:7)

The title of this post is intentionally provocative. We have come to a time in the storm of our lives that we must recognize the signs around us. To this end, I pose the question: Is the west in a death spiral?

The killing of Alfie Evans, I would propose, is one of many nails in the coffin that have come to pass starting well over a century ago. Can we turn it around? Of course, will all God all things are possible and what we need is a miracle of biblical proportions.

To quote St. John Paul II: A nation that kills its children is a nation without hope.

The central problem is the western world has rejected the Divine plan for marriage and family. We have ceded control of our rights as parents and obligations as parent to the “state.” Additionally, we have rejected the primary function of marriage to raise children who know, love and serve God.

Openness to life has been rejected and replaced with the desire for material goods. If it were not for immigration, the population of the western world would not even be able to replace its self. A 2012 Forbes article covers this in great detail. Research since the publication of the mentioned article indicate birth rates continue to decline.

Perhaps you are asking how this is related to the killing of Alfie Evans. The correlation comes from the rejection of life and children in general. When society sees children as burden as opposed to a gift it is not a far leap to accept and even promote euthanasia of disabled children. Make no mistake, the killing of Alfie was euthanasia, the legal specifics of which are covered in the notorious Liverpool Care Pathway.

How did western society begin down this path? Where was the turning point in the rejection of life and children. Signs for this rejection have long been there. There were however specific incremental turning points.

Until the 1930s, the Catholic Church was not alone in its opposition to contraceptives or the modern euphemism, birth control. In the Christian tradition, birth control had long been associated with promiscuity and adultery, and resolutely condemned. In his encyclical, Humane Vitae Pope Paul VI prophetically predicted the current outcome of rampant use of birth control.

However, after the Anglican Church passed a resolution in favor of birth control at its 1930 Lambeth Conference, other Protestant denominations began to relax their prohibitions as well. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church, in spite of internal pressure by some to do otherwise, has held fast to its opposition.

The failing of the Lambeth conference to stand up for traditional Christian values as it relates to family and children was the one of the first turning points in the West’s rejection of life and the destruction of the family.

Fast forward to 1960 and the FDA approval of Enovid as an oral contraceptive. This enabled families to effectively limit their family size to two children and place the accumulation of material wealth over children and the value of life. In essence, western society exchanged a third, fourth or fifth child for a nicer car that they replace every five to eight years.

In addition, most medical professionals failed to mention that the “pill” was and still is an abortifacient. How many women know that the pill is abortifacient? Each of these facts erodes away at our understanding of the value of life. If a pill can prevent life or the implantation of life, what is next? Answer: The death by abortion of over one million unborn children per year in the USA and, according to World Health Organization statistics, over forty three million aborted children worldwide each year.

The next incremental slip down the slippery slope was the legalization of abortion in California by none other than Ronald Reagan in 1967. On June 14, 1967, Ronald Reagan signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act, after only six months as California governor. From a total of 518 legal abortions in California in 1967, the number of abortions would soar to an annual average of 100,000 in the remaining years of Reagan’s two terms. In the same period of time Great Britain also legalized abortion. This ultimately leads the way for the January 1973 Roe v Wade decision which struck down laws restricting abortion throughout the United States.

St. Teresa of Calcutta summarizes the ultimate outcome of abortion, which we now have seen come true in cases such as Terri Schiavo, Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans.

We must not be surprised when we hear of murders, of killings, of wars, of hatred. If a mother can kill her own child, what is left but for us to kill each other. – St. Teresa of Calcutta

In the last decade, we have seen abortion proponents advocate for leaving children born alive after an abortion, including former President Obama, to die alone without the support of medical care. Why is society surprised that the UK Healthcare and judicial system would conclude that withdrawing water, nutrition and oxygen would be humane? Americans, don’t fool yourself into thinking this does not happen in the USA.

When we reject the value of a child in our words and action and then cede our right to their care in favor government care and education, the government becomes god and the arbiter of what it believes is good even if it goes against what we know to be good and true.

The natural consequences of our actions over the last century is the virtual elimination of children, the rejection of life as valuable at all its stages and an indifferent shrug from the majority of society as government becomes god.

This combined will spell the death of Western Society unless …

We, as a society, find hope in the One True God that is the source of all Love. We each can have an impact by loving God with our whole heart and soul, being open to life and evangelizing the world as Jesus commanded us to. Pray and fast for conversions.

JMJ, pray for us!

God is good!