I Am Thankful For…

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Give thanks to the LORD, who is good, whose love endures forever; (1 Chronicles 16:34)

As we look to our future, we can look to our past and current times in order to find much for which to be thankful.

If we open our hearts, we can find hope in all things.

I am thankful for…

God and His eternal love.

That God is good and wants us in heaven with Him for all eternity.

The grace to have faith.

The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The Eucharist and the union with Christ that comes from it.

My birth and the circumstances of the same.

My wife, who loves me unconditionally and challenges me to grow in faith each day.

My children and the joy they have brought to life.

My grandchildren and the hope they bring to the future.

My parents, who worked hard and sacrificed for their children.

My friends and their Christlike love.

My work and the opportunity to spread the Gospel every day.

My country, which is a great light of freedom to the world.

The men and women of the military who give their lives to guard our freedom.

A safe place to live.

A happy home, which is a gift from God.

My ancestors, who were slaves, sharecroppers, farmers and fishermen. They knew true suffering and hard work.

When I have pain and suffering so that I can learn to rely on God alone.

The gift of binding suffering to the Cross of Christ.

The gift of persecution, so that I can offer my life to Christ.

Those that have stolen from me and presented the opportunity to practice the virtue of generosity.

People who have lied or gossiped about me and taught me humility.

Every day that I lift my head up from a night’s sleep.

In a world where so many focus only on what is wrong with each day, hope springs eternal if we seek what is good.

What are you thankful for?

God is good.

JMJ, pray for us.