The Memo – By Jack Yoest 

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The Memo – By Jack Yoest

Over the last 30 plus years of my business career I have read hundreds of books on leadership, management, organization, sales and more. From this point forward I will place Jack Yoest’s book within close reach as a guide. Jack has written the quintessential leader and follower’s guide for any person involved in any organization or business.

Yoest does a fantastic job using the top secret memo that is credited with winning WWII to build the frame work for his book. Biblical quotes build a foundation for ethical leadership and followership. Well researched and documented accounts from historical figures keep the reader’s attention and make this a book for anyone to enjoy irregardless of background or interests.

Jack’s use of humorous, humble personal stories and a strong ethical standards gives the reader the direction and encouragement they need on their way to success. I honestly found myself saying out loud, “Yes I made that mistake.” or “Exactly, Jack! I get it.” as I read this book. I will be buying several copies to hand out to friends and business associates!

Great work, Jack Yoest! We need many more books like this that combine sold Christian principals with great work habits.

Ken Blanchard, look out Jack Yoest has arrived!

Jack, I am humbled and honored to count you as a supportive friend. Congratulations on a job well done! 

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God is good!

JMJ, pray for us!