An interview with Msgr. Mouton

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A Moment in Church History


With the passing of our dear Monsignor Mouton, several people have asked if I would share the paper I wrote after our conversation on Vatican Council II.  I have decided to share it in this format.  Because this paper is my own work that I created for an assignment in a graduate course, I will not be sharing digital copies.  As with any author’s work, this paper is subject to copyright and may not be used or copied without my express permission.  To share with others, please link to or direct them to this website rather than copying and pasting anywhere.

The following is a brief summary of an interview of Msgr. Mouton conducted in March 2017.  It is not a complete summary due to the length restrictions of the assignment. It includes certain terminology and ideas that are related to my study of Theology.  If you have any questions…

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