God Moves Us Where He Wants Us


Throughout my fifty-five years I have been blessed to experience the moving hand of God in my life. His helping hand has guided me through difficult times and hopeful times. The last two years have been no different. Two years ago this past Memorial weekend I started a profound personal journey, sparked by severe burns to both my legs and feet, which produced three books and a much deeper understanding of my relationship with Christ.

I am thankful to God and His loving hand for presenting me with a rare opportunity to have my personal works published in the marketplace. As is often the case throughout my life, God moves has moved me where He wants me for my own good and hopefully for His greater glory. If I believe this, and I do, I must go along with His plan joyfully, with great hope and a sense of anticipatory peace. God is good.

That said, this past month I parted ways with the publisher or my books, Hope and Life Press, due to philosophical differences and we are no longer affiliated. I hope those who have read the books will find them a source of hope and encouragement to live out our faith in these tumultuous times.

I am grateful to have had encountered great Christians at EWTN, the Morning Glory Show, the Catholic Channel, Patheos and others as a result of the publishing of these books. I am also thankful for the kindness and support of my wife, family and for friendships gained over the last two years, including the talented authors Christopher Villiers, Hadel Ma’ayeh, Tim Capps and Marie Dean.

Encountering Christ requires us to pause and come to understand we are sinners in need of his redemption. While writing, I have learned to encounter Christ in ways I could not have thought of previously. It has helped me gain a greater understanding of His love for us and my own fallen nature. This was the greatest gift over the last two years.

What does the future hold? I place the future in God’s capable hands and look forward to it with great anticipation. The books may, in the future, if it is God’s will, be available through another publisher as updated second editions. In the meantime, I am now and will always be a faithful son of the Church and God’s servant first.

As a faithful son of The Church, I will always support Her magisterial authority and find joy in spreading the Gospel of Christ by writing on The Hope In The Storm blog, in a personal journal or perhaps, in the future, other books.

I ask for your prayers as I look to the future with great hope and anticipation.

JMJ, pray for us.

God is good.


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