Truth Matters, Tone Matters, Words Matter

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Truth Matters, Tone Matters, Words Matter

If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. (1 Corinthians 13:1)

A friend sent me this meme via text. I believe it provides great direction and is worthy of further exploration.

Today's world of social media, instant response and the vitriol of name calling, as Christians, provides us an opportunity to think through our responses and daily words.

There is NEVER a good excuse for attacking anyone personally or becoming vindictive. Neither one of these behaviors are from God. The 'little one" wants to draw us into sin by encouraging such behaviors. When these actions come to the forefront we should step back and pray.

We are all God's children.

If we disagree, we should develop a reasoned response worthy of our Christian beliefs. We cannot extrapolate another person's meaning beyond the words they have used. Understanding each other requires a civil conversation. We are not Jesus and cannot know the inner workings of a person's thoughts.

Below are some potential rules of engagement for our daily interactions. I find them useful at home, work, social life and social media.

Truth – Truth is finite. Do we know what we are saying is true and not based on what we have "heard" or "seen?" Anything spoken with only 98% truth is still false.

Helpful – Are we being helpful? Are we attempting to guide the conversation toward truth with charity or are we just making our own point?

Inspiration – Are we inspiring people toward a positive action for the common good?

Nesessary – Necessity is the foundation for action.  Are we attempting to inspire positive action? We may also need a reality check on necessity. Will anything change in a positive way by our words?

Kind – Kindness seems to be lost in today's world of social media and is spilling over into the "real" world of family life, social life and work. While the storm swirls around us, kindness can create a positive change in those nearest to us.

Consider the following as we choose our words:

  • Truth
  • Facts
  • Critical thinking
  • Love
  • Positive effect
  • Encourage
  • Understand

For those of us with a "warrior" heart these steps can become a great challenge in the heat of the "battle." Focus on the Glory to come and we will have peace and hope always.

God is good.