Another 5 Star Review for The Cajun Storm

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I actually like this better than the first one of Mr. Toups. In this volume, Mr. Toups has found a real Southern voice, which reminded me of the great Catholic writers of the South, such as the novelist Walker Percy. I think the emphasis on one, relatively small, but not for those involved, crisis, allows Mr. Toups to concentrate on what is most important.

I would like to have seen more references to the Roman Catholic Church’s long standing teachings on social justice issues, and more quotations from the Popes flushed out. References to St. John Paul II could have been included in this book, for example.

However, it is a little gem and one which brings up many questions for all Catholics to address, such as the role of individuals in truly loving one’s neighbors, as the present pope reminds us regularly.

Real charity leads one to heaven. Without good works on the individual level, there is no salvation. Jay Toups’ book brings this home clearly…I would like to see more on the social justice issues as taught by the Church in his next book.

If I were a catechetical leader or director of RCIA, as I once was, I would use Mr. Toups’ second book with my students, and with the catechumens….This book would engender great discussions. It could be used with a set of questions and more references to the Church’s teaching….and provide a good basis for an understanding of Catholic charity, as it really is, and not as it is perceived by most Catholics.