James A. Toups – Author, Business Thought Leader, and Speaker

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jay-toup-avatarJames A. Toups

Adversities are conquered by strength and courage to weather the storm and triumph, by means of oneself, family, friends and local community; however, most of all, spiritual faith, that grows stronger with every pain and joy in life.

James A. Toups is such a man who has shown such resilience and great faith in times of adversity during Hurricane Katrina in the Deep South in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, and engrossed in the Christian culture, James witnessed misfortunes and sufferings, but through all the strife whether personal or from natural disasters, James’s devotion in God lifted him out of the depth of darkness and into the light. His powerful devotion in God gave him great fortitude in times of discord. In return, James brought this spirit and belief to his New Orleans community in crucial moments in their lives.

James is a devoted…

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